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Weigela florida is a deciduous shrub native to China and Korea where it is commonly found growing in scrub and woodland margins. Leaves are oval, tapered and dark-green in colour. Corymbs of dark-pink, funnel shaped flowers are borne in late-Spring to early-Summer.


Full sun or partial shade. Frost hardy to -10°C.

Every two weeks throughout growing season.

Every two years as buds extend.

Flowers normally form on the previous seasons' growth; prior to flowering in late Spring try to keep pruning to a minimum to avoid removal of flower bud. Hard pruning and formative pruning is preferable after flowering has finished.

Sow seed outside in Autumn. Root greenwood cuttings in early Summer; semi-ripe cuttings with bottom heat in mid-Summer; hardwood cuttings from Autumn to Winter. Ground-layering.

Trouble free.

Informal upright forms and cascades in medium and large sizes.