Bonsai Gallery: John Hill

John (aka Jofun Hiruru) was born in 1954, made in Japan and born in the USA. My mother met my father during the Korean War, they married and he brought her back to the states.

John dabbled in bonsai around 1970 but never really took the art seriously. After a 25 year break while he brought up his family, John went to the nearby conservatory where they had a bonsai display and he re-caught the bug. The very next day he was out looking for trees to train. Using the internet, John read all that he could on bonsai and took this knowledge and started the art again. This time it was more then just a hobby it was an obsession. John says "I killed a few trees now and then but I kept buying more and more. But every tree that I killed I learned something with each. I slowly learned that you can take your time and listen to each tree and let it tell you where to take it. I worked on the art and each year I killed less and less".

By 1997 I read all the bonsai books that I had three times. I was starving for more knowledge so I returned to the conservatory and started asking questions and was told that they had a bonsai club at the conservatory. I joined and met some of the nicest people willing to help all they could. I started going to shows and demos as much as possible and learned a lot from all the artists. I am still, more or less self taught and still learning.

Pinus thunbergii/ Japanese Black Pine Bonsai

Pinus thunbergii/ Japanese Black Pine

Juniperus x media 'Blaauw' /Chinese Juniper

Juniperus x media 'Blaauw' /Chinese Juniper

Juniperus Bonsai


Juniperus 'Kishu' Bonsai

Juniperus 'Kishu'

Ulmus parvifolia/Chinese Elm Bonsai

Ulmus parvifolia/Chinese Elm