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Bob says he has been obsessed with bonsai for around 10 years but it's only the last 3 years or so after finding web sites like Bonsai4me and meeting people like, just to mention two, John Pitt (who supplies Bob's pots) and Ian Cuppleditch (of British Bonsai), who have given him great inspiration.

My thanks go to Bob for allowing Bonsai4me to show just a few of his bonsai.

bonsai garden

Views of Bob Goodman's bonsai garden

bonsai garden

bonsai garden

bonsai garden

kashima maple bonsai

Acer palmatum 'Kashima' bonsai

zelkova bonsai

Zelkova bonsai

hornbeam bonsai

Carpinus species/Hornbeam bonsai

katsura bonsai

Acer palmatum 'Katsura' bonsai

kiyohime bonsai

Acer palmatum 'kiyohime' bonsai



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