Images from the 2012 Wessex Bonsai Show (UK)

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On May 6th 2012, I had the pleasure of attending the annual Wessex Bonsai Society Show in Kinson, near Bournemouth. This is a very active bonsai club on the south coast of England and the Annual Show featured many high quality bonsai.

Here follows a small selection of my favourite images from the day:

wessex bonsai show

larch group bonsai

Larch/Larix bonsai group-planting

bonsai accent

hawthorn bonsai

Hawthorn/Crataegus bonsai deadwood

japanese maple bonsai

Acer palmatum/ Japanese Maple Bonsai with gorgeous flowing trunklines

weigela bonsai

A rarely seen Weigela bonsai

larch group bonsai

Larch/Larix bonsai group planting

elm bonsai

English or Field Elm/Ulmus minor

oak bonsai

An excellent English Oak bonsai with great ramification and a very natural appearance

elm bonsai

English or Field Elm/Ulmus minor bonsai

hawthorn cascade bonsai

An excellent Hawthorn semi-cascade bonsai, the overall presentation of this tree drew many admirers

cotoneaster bonsai

Cotoneaster Bonsai

hawthorn bonsai

Another Hawthorn bonsai displayed in a very innovative way

deadwood bonsai accent

A very individual bonsai accent planted on an interesting piece of deadwood

acer palmatum bonsai

Acer palmatum/Japanese Maple clump-style bonsai with an impressive trunk-base

japanese maple trunk

The trunkbase/nebari of the Japanese Maple bonsai