Images from the 2017 European Bonsai San Show, Saulieu, France. PART ONE

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On October 14th and 15th 2017, I had the great pleasure of visiting the European Bonsai San Show in Saulieu, Burgundy, France, as a trader for the and also as an exhibitor. On the Saturday evening I also awarded the Bonsai4me trophy for 'Best Deciduous Shohin in Show'.

This was by far the best Show I have attended to date, with an incredibly high standard of trees, held in a large hall with excellent light and facilities and a very friendly atmosphere. Credit must go to the organisers Fred Chenal and his wife Stephanie.

Such was the standard of the trees in the exhibition and the number of good quality images I was able to take, I will be dividing them into three articles. It would be impossible to show all of the trees at the exhibition here; this article represents a collection of my personal favourite images from the weekend.

pine bonsai

Mugo Pine bonsai by Bruno Heller. Bonsai pot: Yixing

Celtis sinensis bonsai

Celtis sinensis bonsai by Jean-Pierre Cardinal. Bonsai Pot: China

Olive bonsai

European Olive by Patrice Rolando. Bonsai Pot: Japan

Mugo Pine bonsai

Mugo Pine bonsai

Mugo Pine bonsai

Mugo Pine bonsai

Mugo Pine bonsai by Vaclav Novak. Bonsai Pot: Klika-Kuratkova

Short video of the Mugo Pine bonsai by Vaclav Novak. (0:36 seconds into the movie)

Japanese White Pine bonsai

Japanese White Pine bonsai by Martin/Bob Huizer. Bonsai Pot: Suzuki Syuzan

Pine bonsai

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