PART TWO: Images from the 2016 European Bonsai San Show, Saulieu, France

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On October 15th and 16th 2016, I had the great pleasure of visiting the European Bonsai San Show in Saulieu, Burgundy, France. This was by far the best Show I have attended to date, with an incredibly high standard of trees, held in a large sports hall with excellent light and facilities, with a very friendly atmosphere. Credit must go to the organisers Fred Chenal and his wife Stephanie.

Such was the standard of the trees in the exhibition and the number of good quality images I was able to take, I have divided them into two articles. The second of which can be seen here PART ONE: Images from the 2016 European Bonsai San Show, Saulieu, France

For a complete list of the trees and owners given awards at this show, please see the last page of this report here

bonsai saulieu

bonsai saulieu

Myrtus communis. Owner: Andrea Albergo. Pot: Greg Ceramics

beech bonsai saulieu

bonsai saulieu

Fagus sylvatica. Owner: Bruno Heller Pot: Patrice Bongrand.

juniper bonsai saulieu

bonsai saulieu

Juniperus Sabina. Owner: Federico Springolo. Pot: Tiberio Graco

bonsai saulieu

Juniperus itoigawa. Owner: German Gomez Soler. Pot: Japan

yew bonsai saulieu

Taxus baccata. Owned by: Alfiero Suardi Pot by: Keizan Tokoname.

bonsai saulieu

Juniperus sabina. Owned by: Antonio Ponce Navarro. Pot: Tokoname.

bonsai saulieu

bonsai saulieu

Pinus pentaphyla. Owned by:Xavier Massanet. Pot: Japan.

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