Images from the 2012 Middlesex Bonsai Society Annual Show (UK)

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On July 14th 2012 I had the great pleasure of attending the Middlesex Bonsai Society Annual Show in Ruislip, England. The Society is a small but very friendly club that has been established since 1978.

Here follows a small selection of my favourite images from the day:

elm group bonsai

A superb bonsai accent with a small group of Elm in the background

quince bonsai

A very natural looking Quince bonsai with sinuous trunks

Crab apple bonsai

A small crab-apple bonsai....

crab-apple bonsai

......that was covered in tiny apples

crab apple bonsai

field maple bonsai

A well-presented Field Maple bonsai

hawthorn bonsai

Hawthorn bonsai

rosemary bonsai

An unusual rosemary bonsai.......

rosemary bonsai

......trunk detail of the rosemary bonsai

hawthorn bonsai

Carved Hawthorn bonsai

korean hornbeam bonsai

Korean Hornbeam bonsai

privet bonsai

I was fortunate to be invited to display one of my Privet bonsai

hornbeam bonsai

This Korean Hornbeam bonsai from Faisal Waheedy was added to my display

pyracantha bonsai

As was this superb Pyracantha bonsai, covered in new berries

pine bonsai

White Pine bonsai

english elm bonsai

A very natural English Elm


A mame display with a tiny Cryptomeria as the main tree

succulent accent

Tiny Sempervivum bonsai-accent

juniper bonsai

The owner of this Chinese Juniper bonsai described to me how she has purchased this tree in 1990 as a small garden-centre plant. 22 years of pot-culture has aged the tree well.

japanese hawthorn bonsai

A relatively rare Japanese Hawthorn bonsai...........

japanese hawthorn bonsai

Trunk detail of the Japanese Hawthorn bonsai

Japanese Hawthorn bonsai

Trunk detail of the Japanese Hawthorn bonsai

larch bonsai

Finally; a tall Larch belonging to the Society itself. This tree was originally owned by Barbara Tydeman, Former Chairman and Founder Member of the Middlesex Bonsai Society and is displayed each year in her memory.