Fagus sylvatica/European Beech Bonsai Bonsai Images 2015

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beech bonsai

Fagus sylvatica/European Beech Bonsai

Current height of bonsai; 22"/55cm

Bonsai Pot by Victor Harris of Erin Bonsai.

Originally collected by Craig Coussins/Peter Adams during the late 1970's, and grown as part of a forest planting for many years, I purchased this Beech as a single tree in 2001.

In January 2015 I removed the previous seasons' dead leaves, that cling to the branches until the following Spring, pruned and wired the bonsai before taking the following images.

beech bonsai

Detail of the base of the trunk and the nebari, or surface roots, of the Beech.

beech bonsai

Detail of the branch structure of the Beech bonsai. It is possible to see where I have detail-wired a number of the branches in order that I can position them precisely.

beech bonsai

Ramification can be difficult to achieve on Fagus/Beech, however, for many years I have followed the techniques detailed in this article Advanced Pruning Techniques for Fagus sylvatica/European Beech with great results.

beech bonsai

The Beech bonsai from 2003 to 2015. The entire Progression Series for this tree can be seen in my first book Bonsai Inspirations 1.

beech bonsai

As an indication of size; the Beech pictured alongside me (Harry Harrington).