Diospyros sp. ( Kamuning bilog)by Leo de Leon

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diospyros bonsaidiospyros bonsai

Clean the trunk bark and branches with a toothbrush and water to remove dirt and algae; this combination of algae and dirt hardens in the heat of summer and can cause damage to the tree. It is also unpleasant to look at.

diospyros bonsaidiospyros bonsai

As we can see in the pictures above, the tree was totally defoliated. I do this twice a year in order to increase branch ramification.


diospyros bonsaidiospyros bonsai

Before and After Pruning

The foliage mass is pruned to a neat silhouette and inward and downward facing shoots are removed. I also ensure that no more than two shoots grow from any one point on each branch. Cutting off these unnecessary branches produces a cleaner, more defined look. The picture in the left looks confusing to the eye; however, the branches in the photo on the right have been pruned and cleaned up and are now pleasing to view.

diospyros bonsai

After pruning:Branch side view

diospyros bonsai

After Pruning Branch Top View

diospyros bonsaidiospyros bonsai

More views of the bonsai before and after defoliating.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and have learned a few tips on cultivating Diospyros. Happy Bonsai growing!

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