Making the first Bonsai4me book: 'Bonsai Inspirations'

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The new Bonsai Book for 2019 by Harry Harrington
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photographing bonsai

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Photographing one of my Hawthorn bonsai in July 2009 watched by Milo the Red Setter. All of the 'final' images of bonsai for the book were taken in natural light using a simple black photographic backdrop.

The idea of writing a book based on my website was one that I have had for a number of years. With the popularity of the website growing year on year, at the beginning of 2009 I decided to focus my work in the direction of writing and publishing my first bonsai book.

Selecting 15 of my favourite bonsai, each tree was meticulously pruned, wired and refined before being photographed during the Spring and Summer of 2009. By September 2009 I had collected together plenty of material to write about. So, armed with 100's of images taken over the previous 15 years and dozens of good quality 'final' images of my favourite bonsai, I started writing the book.

My original plan had been to write a book of around 150 pages, each chapter revolving around the progression over several years of a tree turning into a bonsai. Initially I thought the book would take around 3 months to write and would be finished by November/December of 2009......however, it was February 2010, 6 months later, that I finished writing the final chapter. By this time the book had grown to around 270 pages.

Each page was put together roughly using Desktop Publishing Software (Adobe Indesign) on my laptop and then each chapter was sent to Croatia, where Ninoslav Pirš began the process of designing and laying-out the book in preparation for printing.

Bonsai book design

Nino has been been the main driving force behind the book. Designing, setting out as well as being in charge of the printing side of the project.

bonsai manuscriptbonsai manuscript

Copies of the original manuscript used for proof-reading

By July 2010 Ninoslav had finished the preliminary laying-out and design of the book and I was able to print the first of several manuscripts that were used for proof-reading and checking.

bonsai book cover

Ninoslav's design for the cover of the book, using a picture of the front of my Privet bonsai for the front cover, and a picture of the back of the same tree for the back cover.

For the remainder of 2010, both myself and Nino worked hard on refining the book as well as organising printing, distribution as well as funding for the project.

Finally, having remained a well-kept secret for well over year, on December 26th 2010, the book was launched on the world!

signed bonsai book

9th January 2011: Harry Harrington signing Inserts for the book

After much demand from buyers of the book, I decided to include a personally signed Insert/Certificate with each copy sold until the end of February

bonsai book printers

The Printers Building just outside Zagreb, Croatia

On Monday 31st January 2011, the computer files for the book were taken to the Printers in Zagreb, ready for printing.

metal printing plates

Metal (Aluminium) Plates used for printing

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