Making the first Bonsai4me book: 'Bonsai Inspirations'

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The new Bonsai Book for 2019 by Harry Harrington
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photographing bonsai

To print the book, the Printing Company made metal plates to print 16 pages at a time onto large sheets of paper. In the case of Bonsai Inspirations, there are a total of 272 pages requiring 17 of these large sheets of paper per book. To print on both sides of each piece of paper and in 4 different colours, over 136 plates in total were needed!

first try print of bonsai book

First 'Try-Out' Print

Each printed paper contains 8 pages (16 altogether including both sides) and are folded (in a particular way) and then sewn together

checking print

Printer checking the printing-quality and colour

Printing machine

Latest generation Printing Machine

inserting book paper

The machine being loaded with paper

printed page

The first pages being printed

Bonsai Inspirations

The very first copy of Bonsai Inspirations

Friday 4th February; just 4 days after the book went to print and well ahead of schedule, we received the very first copy of Bonsai Inspirations from the publishers.

18 months (and hundreds of man-hours) after I wrote the first page of the book, Bonsai Inspirations is finished and at the time of writing is being packaged ready to be sent out across the world!

bonsai inspirations bonsai bookbonsai inspirations bonsai book

Sample Pages from Bonsai Inspirations

bonsai inspirations bonsai book

For more information and to order your copy of Bonsai Inspirations please visit here.

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