Bonsai Carving in Croatia with Kevin Wilson

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Words and Images by Luka Musich

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bonsai carving

Working with heavy machinary

bonsai wiring

Wiring the branches of the Spruce

olive bonsai

We sat on the floor during the break and spoke a bit about the big olive...Checking some angles and deciding what to be the front...

carving olive

Because the olive is much better wood for carving, Kevin decided to work on it straight away to show us what can be done much better and nicer than on the Spruce wood. The Olive wood has a bitter taste...i tried some after Kevin told me... and he saaid ''isn't it bitter, taste it!'' haha so i did..and it is, and it has this smell i like..       

bonsai carving

As with the Spruce, starting the carving from the base up. Using different drills, brushes etc...4 Makitas were laying on the table beside him so he doesn't have to change the extensions!

bonsai carving


kevin wilson

You always have to have a lot of beer in these dusty working conditions!!!!!`

dremel carving

Using a Dremel to carve the wood

olive design

Kevin's design for the Olive

olive bonsai design

Design and the tree

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