Bonsai Images from Croatia; Summer 2012

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We were joined by Ninoslav Pirs, the man responsible for the design and printing of my 'Bonsai Inspirations' books, seen here discussing a field maple bonsai.

field maple bonsai

Re-carving the uro (deadwood hollow) at the top of the field maple's trunk using a die-grinder.

field maple bonsai

field maple bonsai

Wiring and arranging the branches

luka musich

Considering the design of a Privet bonsai with Luka Musich

privet bonsai

Wiring a newly carved Privet shohin

harry harrington

Discussing the forthcoming re-design with web developer Matija........

spruce bonsai

.......before more bonsai, this time a Mulberry

mulberry bonsai

Marking where the shari on the Mulberry bonsai should be carved after wiring and styling the branches

mulberry bonsai


Image of the Mulberry bonsai 6 weeks later after it had been carved by its owner Ninoslav Pirs and had leafed out

spruce bonsai

wiring the trunk of a young Spruce


and plenty of the national drink 'Rakija'!

bonsai workshop

Our farewells; next year (2013) I intend to return to Croatia, with enough time to see more of this beautiful country and conduct a number of workshops.

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