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The new Bonsai Book for 2019 by Harry Harrington
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The back and front cover of 'Bonsai Inspirations 2' showing my Acer palmatum/Japanese Maple bonsai in Winter and Autumn

'Bonsai Inspirations 2', the second book from Publishing, is due for release on March 15th 2012. Divided into 5 main chapters, each chapter covers the progression and development of a bonsai, illustrating in great depth how impressive and majestic bonsai can be created from humble beginnings.

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This image taken from the introduction page was taken early one late-Summer morning, as the sun rose over the Chiltern hills near my home in Buckinghamshire, England.

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This Tilia cordata/Lime or Linden Bonsai was developed over 11 years from a sapling. The first part of the book details each step of development of the tree over the years with a focus on nebari/surface root development.

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In-depth articles, diagrams and many hundreds of photographs have been inserted into each Chapter to help explain and illustrate the techniques involved in the development of each bonsai.

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The second part of the book features two Larix decidua/European Larch bonsai, developed over just 18 months, illustrating how bonsai can be developed relatively quickly from field-grown material.

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