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The new Bonsai Book for 2019 by Harry Harrington
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bonsai book cotoneaster

Chapter 3 describes a Small-Leaved Cotoneaster/Cotoneaster microphyllus bonsai, originally dug up from a front garden and styled over 3 weeks with step-by-step images and design explanations.

bonsai book

This image in Bonsai Inspirations 2 was taken on a hot Summer day along the River Great Ouse in Bedfordshire, England, a favourite place of mine.

bonsai book maple

The next section of the book covers my Acer palmatum/Japanese Maple bonsai, developed over a decade from a tiny air-layer. Dozens of progression images and detailed explanations of the bonsai techniques involved are included within the chapter.

bonsai book

Sample of the Acer palmatum chapter

bonsai book Juniper

The final chapter covers a large Juniper chinensis/San Jose Juniper bonsai, styled over the course of just 4 weeks. The chapter investigates the design as well as the process of styling Juniper bonsai using over 100 different images and numerous articles.

bonsai book

bonsai book

Excerpts from the Juniper chapter

Bonsai Inspirations 2 is published by Publishing

ISBN 978-953-56515-1-2
Paperback: 160 full colour glossy pages
Dimensions: 280mm x 221mm x 12mm

Price: Just GBP£16.95 (Approx EUR20 or US$27)
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All pre-ordered copies signed by the author
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