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03/12/16: A first taster of a big new project that we've been developing over the past few months for Bonsai4me.
The new Bonsai4me online shop will launch on December 26th. As well as selling bonsai books and yamadori bonsai for sale, it will also contain a wide range of high quality Japanese and European bonsai pots.
This part of the venture is designed to promote quality European bonsai pottery and give easier access to quality European (and Japanese) pottery via a Potters' Collective of artists offering their work for sale.
Some of Europe’s most popular and highly regarded potters, Stone Monkey Ceramics (Andrew Pearson), Holvila Bonsai Pots (Thor Holvila) and Erin Bonsai Pottery (Victor Harris) have already agreed to be fully involved and we are reaching new agreements with several very big names across Europe as I write (further announcements will be made as more potters join the Collective).
Additionally, there will be a Japanese side to the service, that will offer quality vintage and antique Japanese pots, as well as information on them, and their creators.

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03/12/16: Ahead of the official release of the US edition of my book "The Foundations of Bonsai" in the New Year by Stone Lantern, I've just been sent this copy of a fantastic review in the latest edition of Bonsai Espirit magazine.

bonsai magazine bonsai espiritbonsai magazine bonsai espiritbonsai magazine bonsai espirit

18/10/16: I am very pleased to announce that the presses in Croatia will begin to roll on Friday 21st October as part of a dual-publication of my most recent book, "The Foundations of Bonsai".
Copies of last year's publication have nearly sold out and these will be replenished before we run out of stock.
However, a large bonsai Publishing House in the US will also be printing their own version of the book that will be available to US, Canadian and Australian readers from mid-November. More news and announcements to be made in the coming weeks.

21/01/16: www.bonsai4me.com received a record 1.8 million unique visitors from 152 countries around the world during 2015, creating 3.25 million hits.
Many thanks to all those that visit and support www.bonsai4me.com!

26/04/15: In order to help reduce postage costs to customers, all 3 of my books are now available from my new US distributor Miniature-Bonsai.Com, run by a good friend and fellow enthusiast Dave Paris. All books are signed by myself and postage throughout the USA starts at just $5.35.

02/04/15: March 2015 was a record month for visitors to www.bonsai4me.com with 165,642 unique visitors creating nearly 300,000 hits.

31/03/15: My new book "The Foundations of Bonsai" is now available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

27/03/15: After an incredibly busy week dispatching advance sales of my new book to 27 countries around the world, "Bonsai Basics: The Foundations of Bonsai" is officially released today. Many thanks to all those who had a part in the making of the book, as well as to the 100's of readers who have already purchased their copy. I sincerely hope you are all as happy with it as I am.

04/02/15: I am very pleased to announce the publication of my third book, "Bonsai Basics: The Foundations of Bonsai", which has until now only been available as an e-book. The paperback version has since been edited and updated, and is available for pre-order from Friday 6th February 2015 at 11am GMT. All copies are signed by myself and individually numbered on a first-come, first-served basis.

The official release date is March 27th 2014; to secure your copy, please visit Bonsai Basics: The Foundations of Bonsai

30/01/15: I'm very pleased to announce that next FRIDAY, 6th FEBRUARY my third book, "Bonsai Basics; The Foundations of Bonsai" will become available to pre-order at 11am GMT.
All pre-ordered copies will be individually signed and numbered on a first-come, first-served basis. For a low-numbered copy, it will be essential that you order as soon as possible after the book goes live online at 11am GMT (Last year, the first 100 copies of my second book went incredibly quickly!). 

04/01/15: Despite the dominance of Facebook over "Independent" websites such as www.bonsai4me.com, during 2014 there were a record 1.73million unique visitors from 203 different countries to Bonsai4me, creating over 3.2 million hits. 

21/11/14: Harry Harrington Bonsai Workshop Video . This is a short video of a recent workshop I conducted in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England at the beginning of November.

20/11/14: The Bonsai4me/B4mePublishing Facebook-Store is now open for direct sales of bonsai books and publications.

13/11/14: A first look at the forthcoming release from Bonsai4me/B4MePublishing now that the book is being laid-out!

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16/10/2014: Plans are now underway to publish my third book Bonsai Basics as a paperback in early 2015, for more news as it happens, please subscribe to the B4MePublishing Newsletter

27/08/14: Bonsai Focus Interview I'm very proud to announce I have been interviewed in the current edition of Bonsai Focus magazine (Sept/Oct 2014)

bonsai focus

26/03/14: Bonsai Inspirations 1 2nd Edition is now available from here at AMAZON.COM (US)
All copies are signed by myself.

21/03/14: Bonsai Inspirations 1 2nd Edition is now available from here at AMAZON.CO.UK
As well as the UK, Amazon.uk will ship directly to the following countries: Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.
All copies are signed by myself.

15/03/14: To receive occasional updates and details of new and upcoming books, e-books and articles on B4MePublishing, the publishing side of Bonsai4me.com, please subscribe to the B4MePublishing newsletter

15/03/14: Bonsai Inspirations 1 2nd Edition was successfully launched yesterday and copies have already been despatched to over 20 different countries around the world.

07/01/14: I am very pleased today to announce the re-publication of my first book, Bonsai Inspirations 1, which has been out-of-print since 2012. This new, 2nd edition, has been redesigned and edited and is available for pre-order from today. All copies are signed by myself and individually numbered on a first-come, first-served basis.

The official release date is March 14th 2014; to secure your copy, please visit Bonsai Inspirations 1 2nd Edition

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04/01/14: During 2013 there were a record 1.65 million unique visitors from 195 different countries to Bonsai4me.com, creating over 3 million hits. Thank you to everyone that continues to support Bonsai4me.com!

04/10/13: Alvaro Ramos has begun work translating the Species Guide section of Bonsai4me.com into Spanish; the first 25 Guides have just gone live and can be located here Spanish Species Guides Index

16/10/13: The final Spanish-translated articles have just been published on Bonsai4me.es.
My express thanks go to Alvaro Ramos for his excellent translation services, Al has now translated 36 articles into Spanish for the website and I hope more will be published in the future.

12/08/13: I have launched Bonsai4me.es today, the Spanish language version of Bonsai4me.com . Translated articles can be found here Translated Spanish Bonsai Articles

23/06/13: Unfortunately due to my ever-increasing work commitments such as running this website and B4MePublishing, I am no longer able to offer the Bonsai Design Service (Bonsai Virtuals). My apologies.

06/06/13: May 2013 was the best month on record for http://www.bonsai4me.com/ with over 151,000 different (unique) visitors viewing at least 2 webpages. In total, just short of 300,000 page-views were recorded. Many thanks to all those that continue to support the website!