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pomegranate bonsai

Pomegranate bonsai with a wonderful, twisting trunk

Punica granatum is one of two species that makes up the genus Punica. Native to the Mediterranean and Asia, they are however suitable for cul;tivation in the UK and cooler climates. Pomegranates are deciduous tree with brittle branches. They have opposite, narrowly oblong, shiny leaves and showy funnel shaped flowers available in a variety of colours. The flowers are followed by yellow leather-skinned fruits that are flushed with red. Pomegranates require Autumn temperatures of 13-16°C for fruit to ripen and can be a rare occurrence in cooler climates.

The "Neji-kan" variety of P. granatum develops the infamous spiralling trunk and branches with age.

pomegranate bonsai

Large Pomegranate bonsai featuring a mass of deadwood

pomegranate bonsai deadwood

Deadwood is a common feature of large Pomegranate bonsai

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