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Deutzia is a genus of about 60 species of mainly deciduous shrubs found in scrub and woodland from the Himalayas to E Asia. Leaves, usually to 7cm long, are opposite, ovate to lance-shaped and mainly toothed.

The main feature of Deutzia are the numerous 5-petalled, cup or star-shaped, fragrant white or pink flowers that are borne from mid-Spring to mid-Summer.

The two Deutzia species that tend to be used are both Japanese natives, D. scabra and D. gracilis.

Deutzia gracilis bears abundant pure-white flowers in summer and has ovate, bright green leaves. In its natural habit it makes a small-ish shrub of around 1metre by 1 metre.

Deutzia scabra has peeling, pale brown bark and ovate, dark-green leaves. In early summer it produces a profusion of star-shaped white flowers with a pink tinge to the outer edges. A more vigorous Deutzia, D. scabra will often reach 3 or more metres in its native Japan. There are a number of varieties available, most of which producing variations of flower colour or petal number.


POSITION Full sun. Fully hardy to -10°C but tender spring growth needs protection from late frosts.

FEEDING Every two weeks during the growing season.

REPOTTING Annually in Spring as buds extend.

PRUNING Hard prune after flowering has finished. Pinch back resulting new growth. Pruning between late Summer and Spring will result in removal of flower buds.

PROPAGATION Sow seed outside in Autumn. Softwood cuttings in summer, hardwood cuttings in Autumn.


STYLING Informal upright forms and cascades with single or multiple trunks in medium to large sizes.