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  Carmona microphylla Bonsai

Carmona microphylla (Fukien Tea)

This tree was added to my collection about 5 years ago. I found it at of all places, a roadside nursery. It was infested with aphids, few leaves and a lot of dead branches (which also made it very affordable). Most of the current foliage has been developed during that time.
I estimate it to be 35-40 years old based on average growth rates common for this species. The over all height is 20" with the buttress at 4" near the soil line. Future reduction in the apex is planned for the future once it thickens a little more as the branches below have remained somewhat weak. This will, I hope, direct more energy to them.

Ficus Benjamina

I received this one as a gift 5 years ago from a friend who didn't understand what Bonsai is all about. It started out, basically as a stick (smaller than a pencil) in a 6" nursery pot, and not wanting to seem ungrateful, thanked them with lavish praise. It was promptly tossed in the "not very interesting" pile with the houseplants and pretty much forgotten. 2 Years ago I noticed a Ficus poking out of the background foliage and it was rediscovered. It was still in the same 6" pot with very little soil left and lots of roots. The tray was one I picked out the year before for another project that hadn't work out, so I styled and potted it that same day. It is currently at 20" in height with a 1" trunk diameter. The dish is an unglazed Chinese oval. I guess my friend did understand after all.

Celtis sinensis Bonsai

Celtis sinensis/ Native Hackberry

This group was found growing on a rooftop 5 years ago in leaf mulch from over hanging trees. In my line of work as an A/C technician I am always looking at trees I pass as potential Bonsai. I trained these trees on the roof for 3 years as part of my quarterly equipment maintenance service.

I ensured plenty of water by way of the condensate drains from a nearby A/C unit. I finally had to remove them when I learned the roof was to be replaced that very day. The larger tree was reduced by 40% after squirrel damage last year and it needs further branching on the right side. They have been in their current pot for 2 years. The tallest is 20" high and the smallest is 17".

Sageretia/ Sweet Plum Bonsai

 Sageretia/ Sweet Plum

This tree was obtained 10 years ago and the lower right and left tier of branches was not present at the time, having been developed since through the clip-and-grow method and no wire. It has a hollow trunk and I will need to make a decision in the next 2 years as to the best method of stabilizing the dead wood. The inside is only 1/4" thick in some places and is in danger of weakening further.
It is 14 "in height and spreads to 16". The trunk is 3" wide at the base.

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