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Craig Coussins started Bonsai in 1974 and spent the next 20 years studying under the one of the UK's leading Bonsai technicians, Peter Adams, travelling a 1500 Kilometre round trip every month to study with him. Since meeting with John Yoshio Naka in 1984, the world famous Japanese-American Bonsai artist, Craig has been teaching bonsai himself.

He founded the Scottish Bonsai Association and soon after in 1983, he was a founder committee member of the UK Federation of Bonsai Societies, FOBBS. He has been awarded the Patrick Neal Medal for services to Scottish Horticulture for developing Bonsai.

More of Craigs' work can be seen at his website

Cedrus atlantica bonsai forest planting
Cedrus atlantica Group Planting

Forest Planting of 45 Cedrus atlantica.




Craig Coussins Acer Palmatum Bonsai

Acer Palmatum

With a root width of over 13", this Acer Palmatum has been nick-named 'Elephant Foot'.




Larch Larix Bonsai Group


Larch (Larix) Group Planting

Group planting of 5 Japanese Larch .




 Pinus mugo Pine Bonsai


Pinus mugo

Pine by Sergio Clemence showing extensive shari, photographed by Craig for his upcoming book 'Bonsai College'.




 Ulmus Elm Forest Bonsai


Ulmus and Zelkova Forest Planting

Craig working on a forest planting of a mixture of Elms (Ulmus) and Zelkova. The forest is over 14" (30cm) wide by 12ft (3 metres) long.


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