Virtual Bonsai Design

by Harry Harrington

Online Virtual Bonsai Design by Harry Harrington of Bonsai4Me


Visitors to Bonsai4me can send me photographs of their bonsai, potentsai, raw material or nursery plants and I will return a virtual image showing how the material can be styled to make a good quality bonsai. All virtual designs offered are accompanied by specific instructions if needed.

All designs are achievable in a relatively short time frame and acknowledge the specific characteristics of the tree species being used.

Specific styling characteristics such as classical, abstract or naturalistic stylings can acknowledged if required by the owner.

Examples of Online Virtual Styling

Online Virtual Bonsai Design

(left to right) Myrtus communis nursery tree sent by P Ntavos, one of a number of images explaining the process of styling, the final design out of leaf and finally, with leaves)

.Online Virtual Bonsai Design

European Larch virtually styled and showing design to aim for, achieveable in 2-3 years (Tim R).

Online Virtual Bonsai Design

Scots Pine virtual design, achievable immediately with styling (Tim R)

Online Virtual Bonsai Design

Two possible designs for a Cedrus libani , achieveable 1-2 years (Tim R).How the Virtual Design Service works

If a certain style of design is required please let me know or if possible, include images in your e-mail.

I build the virtual design in stages, showing where to prune the tree (if needed), how to wire it and then an image showing a design to aim for in the future. Some virtuals will show new growth that will occur in the following year after styling and so are not achieveable immediately. The virtual design will assume that you are able to carry out basic wiring, pruning and horticultural care for your tree.
Though the design instructions will take heed of the basic species characteristics and ability to respond to styling, it is the responsibility of the owner of the tree to ensure it's health and vitality. If a tree is not healthy or isn't growing strongly, it is always better to delay styling of any kind.Payments can be made via who accept all credit and debit card payments online. Membership of is not required to use their services.

To send your images or for more information, please contact

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