Privet/Ligustrum ovalfolium Progression Series

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The resulting growth is shown here after styling in August 2005; just a year after collection.

Privet Progression Series

March 2006. Just 18 months after collection I repotted the Privet into a pot commissioned from Erin Pottery.

The tree was found to have rooted wildly and was rootbound in its wooden grow box ! The next few years will now be spent continuing to develop the branch structure.

Height of tree:15"/37cm

Privet Progression Series

For a better indication of the bonsai's size, here is my son pictured next to this tree .

Privet bonsai

August 2006: Just 5 months later and the tree has developed rapidly. Having allowed the Spring flush of growth grow freely, the foliage was pruned repeatedly from midsummer onwards to increase its density.

ligustrum Privet Bonsai

July 2007: As with last year, other than in the very top branches, the tree was allowed to grow freely until midsummer at which point it was pruned back hard.

This has two effects; firstly it helps slowly thicken the branches and secondly, allowing free growth invigorates and strengthens the tree.

YouTube Video of this bonsai>

Privet Bonsai

January 2008: After a few Winter frosts have caused many of the leaves to fall naturally (Privet are semi-deciduous). I have taken the opportunity to fully defoliate the tree so that I can study and refine the branch structure.

privet bonsai

August 2008; after defoliating all but the smallest leaves, the increased ramification of this bonsai can easily be seen.

privet bonsai

privet bonsai

Views from above showing the spread of the branches, each has been individually placed with wire over the years.

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