Bonsai Summer Images 2010

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With the return of the cooler nights and shorter days, Summer in the UK has come to a close and I thought I would review the growing previous 4 months by publishing this selection of images from my bonsai Summer

privet bonsai

August 2010: updated image of my Ligustrum ovalifolium/Common Privet after cleaning and protecting the wood and rewiring.
Height 19"/48 cm
Planted in an Erin Pot

privet bonsai deadwood

Detail of the hollow Privet bonsai centre

bonsai garden

bonsai garden

August 2010: Images from the garden of a student of his impressive bonsai collection

Hawthorn bonsai yamadori

This Hawthorn/Crataegus monogyna was first discovered growing on the side of an old coal heap in the NorthWest of the UK in August 2005. Though a large tangled mess of a tree, when viewed from ground level a superb trunkbase could be seen and I collected the tree during early Spring 2006 and planted it into a large black nursery tub

hawthorn bonsai yamadori

August 2010: After 4½ years of development the bonsai has suddenly taken shape and after rewiring I took a series of images.

yamadori hawthorn

The bonsai seen from the right....

hawthorn bonsai

And a detail image of the pot made by Erin Bonsai

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