Bonsai Spring Images 2012

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yew bonsai pot

A new pot from Erin Bonsai for a Yew/Taxus baccata bonsai repotted in early May 2012

juniper bonsai

I had the pleasure of working on a Chinese Juniper bonsai for a client this Spring, by early May it had been repotted and turned to obtain a better view of the trunk and then roughly-carved out.

bonsai show

On 6th May I attended a very impressive display of bonsai at the Wessex Bonsai Show.

hawthorn bonsai

A Hawthorn semi-cascade bonsai from the Wessex Show.

pine bonsai

After the Wessex show I had the pleasure of visiting one of the member's gardens nearby and seeing this stunning Scots Pine cascade bonsai.

hawthorn bonsai

Crataegus monogyna/Common Hawthorn with its lush Spring foliage. Height 0.75m/28", pot by Erin Bonsai. I collected this tree in 2004 in the Greater Manchester area.

elm bonsai

New Spring leaves on my English or Field Elm Bonsai/Ulmus minor bonsai.
Height 27"/66cm, trunkbase 9"/22cm in diameter
Bonsai pot by Erin Bonsai

juniper bonsai

This image of the Juniper bonsai I spent the Spring styling was taken on a late-May evening; here lime-sulphur is drying on newly refined deadwood.

hawthorn cascade bonsai

Common Hawthorn/Crataegus monogyna semi-cascade bonsai after partial defoliation and rewiring in late-May 2012.

15"/37cm in height with a reach of 32"/79cm and a 4"/10cm trunk diameter

lime tilia bonsai

My Small-Leaved Lime/Tilia cordata bonsai (Height 22"/56cm) before and after defoliation in early June. Limes have naturally large leaves and require defoliating every Summer to produce a second crop of smaller leaves.
The entire story of this tree from a young sapling can be seen in my second book  Bonsai Inspirations 2

hawthorn bonsai

Common Hawthorn Bonsai (Crataegus monogyna) before and after defoliation, heavy selective pruning and wiring over the past 3 days. This is a big tree, 29" or 0.75 metres tall, I found growing wild 10 years ago and features in Bonsai Inspirations 1. 
Defoliating Hawthorn in late Spring will prompt a large number of new shoots in the coming week or so although the tree is now unlikely to flower next year.

juniper bonsai

The final image of the Chinese Juniper I styled over Spring 2012 in mid-June.
Final height 18.5"/45cm with 9"/22cm diameter base.

A short video of the finished tree can be seen here.

juniper bonsai

Detail of the Juniper bonsai

bonsai garden

bonsai garden

And finally; midsummer images of the completed bonsai garden I started in early January 2012. For further images, please see here

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