Bonsai Images from Croatia; Summer 2012

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During late July 2012 I had the great pleasure of visiting the beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia. Croatia (part of the former Yugoslavia) has a burgeoning bonsai scene and some very active members within the International Bonsai community. Here is a selection of images from my visit.

Park Maksimar

Zagreb City park, Park Maksimir

swamp cypress oak

Three Swamp Cypress growing in boggy ground in front of an ancient Oak at Park Maksimir

oak deadwood

oak deadwood

The Oak deadwood

oak deadwood


At the home of Luka Musich, I saw this massive Carpinis orientalis (Oriental Hornbeam) collected by Luka himself. This tree will be ready for styling next year and will make a stunning bonsai. The Oriental Hornbeam naturally has much smaller leaves than the European Hornbeam and is native to Croatia.

orinetal hornbeam

For an indication of the size of this tree, here is the author pictured alongside it!

juniper bonsai

A selection of Luka's collected Pines and Junipers

juniper bonsai

Juniper was collected by Luka and features in this article on from 2010.

roman snail

A large snail (6-7cm wide) found living in a privet bonsai

field maple

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