Autumn Bonsai Images 2011

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pine jin

Super-heating a jin (dead branch) on a Pine in order to bend it in October.

elm bonsai

English or Field Elm/Ulmus minor in full Autumn colour. This tree is featured in my first book "Bonsai Inspirations" and was developed from an air-layered wild branch in 2004.
Height 17"/42cm, bonsai pot by Erin Bonsai.

juniper bonsai

A San Jose Juniper belonging to Faisal Waheedy, styled and photographed over 3 weeks in October/November for the next book, Bonsai Inspirations 2. Final height 17"/42cm, trunkbase diameter 5"/12.5cm

juniper deadwood

Detail of the deadwood on the San Jose Juniper; I dressed this by hand using jin-pliers, a draw-knife and a wire brush.

lime bonsai

By the beginning of November my Small-Leaved Lime/Tilia cordata bonsai started showing Autumn colour
Height 22"/56cm

lime bonsai

By mid-November it had shed its leaves and was pruned and wired.

beech bonsai

My Fagus sylvatica/European Beech Bonsai after its leaves had turned brown in mid-November. This deciduous bonsai will hold onto its leaves until bud-burst next Spring.
Current height of bonsai; 22"/55cm

elm bonsai

My English or Field Elm/Ulmus minor out of leaf after pruning and re-wiring
Height 17"/42cm

japanese maple bonsai

By the end of November my Acer palmatum/ Mountain Maple was showing full Autumn colour........

japanese maple bonsai

..........and within 5 days had turned a gorgeous red colour..........

acer palmatum bonsai

......before shedding its leaves and being pruned and wired.

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